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Community Newspapers:  

  The original social media

AWNA member newspapers enjoy a special relationship with the people they serve. Even today with so much information available in so many forms, community papers remain the trusted source for what really matters. The community members trust their paper for providing timely and accurate information. YOUR message can be part of that conversation

Community Newspapers:  

  Relevant and strong

Weekly newspapers are reviewed multiple times per week and read cover to cover, and the ads in newspapers are deemed to be the most truthful compared to other media.

of newspaper readers say this is their preferred source for local news and events
75%  of adults surveyed read their local community newspaper last week

"AWNA has provided DDB with outstanding service for 20+ years.

Their relationships with the majority of the community newspapers and their “One Order –One Bill” saves the agency hours on each campaign we run.

They offer increased value for our clients and we would not consider an Alberta market campaign without them as our partners."

Kathy Shapka

Vice President /Media | Director DDB Canada |


"The Department of National Defence was having difficulty recruiting specialised skills through online advertising. In order to broaden our search we turned to community newspaper advertising. The Community Newspaper Associations are organised so you can place ads by region or across the country. Once you determine what you wish to advertise and the area you want to canvass, they do all of the rest. In our case job placements are advertised nationally, with a distribution of more than 600 local papers we were able to reach a much more diverse group of individuals and successfully received applications from all regions. This provided us with a greater selection of qualified people with one simple process. 
I highly recommend this option to managers who wish to expand their human resource tool kit with minimal effort and high return."

Doug Kimmett
Auxiliary Fleet Manager |National Defence | Government of Canada |

Newspapers are the top source for driving customers to dealer websites in the buyers cycle. Study results
When it comes to finding information on home products and services, property and real estate, research shows that Canadians consult newspapers and their sites more than magazine, TV, billboard, radio or other websites.  FACT SHEET  



People react to media differently depending on where they live. Respondents in small cities are more likely to be receiving a community newspaper than those in large cities.  Smaller communities look at their local printed community newspaper once a week or more.   STUDY RESULTS



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The AWNA is Alberta & NWT's TRUSTED community newspapers association since 1920. 

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