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Municipal Government Act

Bill 20, The Municipal Government Amendment Act, passed third reading at the Alberta Legislature on March 24, 2015. This legislation allows municipalities to pass bills that remove the requirement to notify residents of certain meetings regarding bylaws, public hearings and more either by mail or in their local community newspaper. Instead, municipalities may be allowed to do as little as post their notice on their own websites, reaching far fewer residents as the existing methods—and harmful to the principles of openness and transparency to which governments of all sizes ought aspire.

To read an editorial about this issue from Consort Express Editor Dave Bruha, see Transparent — Like a Brick.

Newspaper Recycling

The AWNA has consulted with industry and member newspapers on recycling efforts of newspapers throughout the province.


This is a proactive approach by the AWNA Board to counter possible government-imposed advertising campaigns experienced in other provinces. Although the Alberta government hasn’t expressed a des

ire for mandatory messages, it’s aware of imposed efforts elsewhere.

Results of the recycling consultation have been distilled into a number of advertisements promoting the benefits of recycling newspapers.

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