Display Advertising 

Display advertising is the most diverse and flexible type of advertising available. Display ads are the perfect choice to give your product or service the extra attention, illustration and description it needs.

Use bold fonts, illustrations, photographs, logos in black and white or in colour.  With display ads you can cover wide regions or pinpoint just the communities that match your strategy.

With all the possibilities comes additional planning.  The information presented on this page will guide you through all the choices and provide basic newspaper information to help you achieve your goals. Remember we are available to personally assist you as well.
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  • Guaranteed deadline for display ads is Wednesday noon for publication the following week (Sunday - Saturday).
  • Holidays can advance your deadline 24 hours ›
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Online Advertising


Fit a web ad in with your print campaign or get out a message specifically tailored for online engagement. Online display space runs 24-7. Selected member newspaper web sites are current news content, not static sites,  with a readership that trusts them for timely and accurate information. The participating news sites combined reach well over one million page views per month.

First time doing this...
  • We can help with Ad Serving, including multiple banner art campaigns. Access to live activity reports is available
  • Our member newspapers use a variety of web application frameworks for their web sites. As such, not all sizes are available on every site. 





Planning a Display Ad Campaign


Size and pricing

  • Your display ad pricing will be determined by the titles you select, the size of the ad, the number of times it is to run, and the use of colour.  In budgeting these variables, it is vital to keep your advertising goals in mind.
  • Ask what you need the ad to accomplish, and then select titles, and adjust your size, frequency and colour use to achieve them, relevant to your budget.

Depending on what you need your ad to do, and the budget available to accomplish it, you may favour size over frequency OR vice versa:

  • Frequency - refers to how many times your message will appear.  Repeating a message exposes it to any who may have missed it previously and allows an audience to become familiar with you and your offer over time.  Increase frequency to help a community become familiar with your product or service in a way that builds trust and confidence.
  • Larger size - a larger display ad, besides being more instantly noticeable on the page, gives your message an enhanced sense of importance and urgency.  It also allows you the space to properly display, illustrate and explain your offer.  Larger sizes are used to promote events or promote short-term offers.  If you need to create an instant response, or need to thoroughly show or explain your offer before it will be understood, budget to increase the size of your ad.
  • Colour - brings two significant benefits.  First, a splash of one colour or the attractiveness of full colour will attract the eye.  Second, colour triggers an emotional response which has been scientifically proven to improve how people remember and act on your message.

Market Selection

Deciding which papers to run your ad in usually comes down to two factors: geography and demographics.

  • Geography - if your message applies to a certain part of the province, or is meant for the people who might shop at a certain location you wish to support, then you will choose community markets by geography. Both basic title selection material and advanced geographic help may be accessed when the time comes to look at these choices in the next section.
  • Demographics - uses measurements such as age, income, education, occupation and thousands of other identifiers to isolate the best candidates for your message.  Likewise, communities can be measured and ranked using the same characteristics to give you a priority list of communities to invest in. 
  • AWNA staff is always available to help you get the information you need.
Putting your ad together

No matter who is building your display ad,  you will need to provide certain basic information and ensure the finished work includes the elements that allow ads to be successful.

Once you have gathered and prepared this basic information you will need to determine who is building your display ad for you.  There are 3 possibilities.

  • The material may already exist in the exact measurement you require.
    •  Slight size variation to existing ad material can also be done at minimal cost. 
  • You or your designer will be building it.
    • Be sure you are having your ad built to the proper sizes (which are often different from Career Display sizes).  These will be included in your Display Ad quote.
    • Be sure to instruct your designer to send finished material to AWNA, not to individual newspapers.
    • You may have AWNA do affordable basic design.

    Order placement, payment and special conditions

    • Once you have worked out your campaign details it is time to connect with AWNA to solidify exact sizing and prices for the titles you have selected by obtaining a quote.
    • Use the online form which is a downloadable check list in the SELECT section, or the faxable form in your Display Ad Guide Sheet. You may also contact us directly for a quote.
    • Your request for a quote will be filled within 24 business hours.
    • Once all details have been confirmed, and you have accepted your AWNA quote, bookings can begin. 
    • Orders can be made using:
      • An insertion order (agencies)
      • An authorized purchase order 
      • Signed acceptance of an AWNA quote
    • Guaranteed deadline for display ad booking is Wednesday noon for publication the following week (Sunday - Saturday).

    • Guaranteed deadline for display ad material is Thursday 4:00 pm for publication the following week (Sunday - Saturday).
    Deadline Exceptions
    • Holidays and long weekends may advance your deadline.
    • If time constraints make guaranteed deadlines impossible to meet, individual title deadlines may be utilized. This should be done only in emergency situations as this circumvents important procedures. 
    Special Conditions
    • While similar in many respects, Display Ad rates and column widths are often different than Career Display rates and column widths.  When booking space and producing material, make sure you specify the correct type of display ad.
    • Individual title deadlines for display advertising and career display advertising may also be different.
    Receive proof of performance and invoicing
    • Once all the newspapers in your buy have run for the week ordered, the AWSOM digital archive collects digital tearsheets of each page your ad appeared on. 
    • A link to these PDFs will be emailed to you. 
    • This email also contains your invoice – marked paid unless an existing billing account is being utilized.
    Prefer to plan with a person?
    • Contact Greg Foster or call Toll Free: 1.877.701.4704 Ext. 200.

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