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Give your pre-printed information piece or ad material its very best opportunity to work for you.

Distribution by inserting into AWNA member newspapers gives you unbeatable access to the households you need to reach.  Your material won't be stopped by no flyer notices at the post office.  You will reach into households rather than the bottoms of recycling bins.


This page will guide you through all the choices and provide basic newspaper information to help you achieve your goals.  Remember we are also available to personally assist you.
First time doing this...
  • Quantities required for Insert Distribution may vary from audited circulation. Be sure you are planning with the correct number.
  • Make sure your printer and shipper are using current shipping data.
  • Need an account set up? Download a credit application
 Expert Tips

Planning an Insert distribution campaign


Quantities and pricing

  • Insert Distribution through AWNA member newspapers is priced based on the newspapers you select, the quantity of inserts they deliver and their rate, stated as a Cost Per Thousand (CPM).
  • While planning, remember that your price for distribution is only one cost factor to be considered when producing a pre-printed insert.  Items such as design, printing and transportation will also need consideration.  More about this can be found under Organizing your printer and shipping.
Market selection

  • Deciding which papers to distribute in usually comes down to two factors: geography and demographics.


    If your message applies to a certain region of the province, or is meant for the people who might shop at a certain location you wish to support, then you will chose community markets by geography. 

    Both basic title selection material and advanced geographic help may be accessed when the time comes to look at these choices in the next section.
    ses measurements such as age, income, education, occupation and thousands of other identifiers to identify the best candidates for your message.  Likewise, communities can be measured and ranked using the same characteristics to give you a priority list of communities to target your message.

  • Review titles, zones, quantities and price estimates before continuing your plan

Organizing your printing and shipping
Your pre-printed insert campaign will require coordination of the following before AWNA member newspapers can insert them:
  • Design

  • Printing

  • Shipping to each newspaper's distribution point

Each of these are important steps in an Insert Distribution campaign and are outside the AWNA range of services.
Vital details to confirm with your printer and shipper
  • Deadlines - bookings must be made and your material received at the point of distribution for each title on your buy no later than 7 days before it is to be inserted. Bookings are recommended 10 days in advance.
  • Quantity - base the quantities of inserts that you will need to print on an AWNA quote not more than 30 days old (quantities change frequently), then add your extras for overage if you chose. 
  • Dimensions - your printer should be made aware of the dimension limits of the papers on your buy. This awareness can prevent costly last-minute folding charges, or non-delivery.
  • Weight - you will need to know the finished weight of your insert in order to complete your order. If weight surcharges are a concern for your budget, this should be discussed with your printer. 
  • Bundling - your printer should be made aware of the bundling requirements of the AWNA members that will be receiving your FSIs for inserting.  This can be found on your AWNA quote or in the following link.
  • Shipping Destinations - If your printer is also handling your shipping, make sure they have the latest destinations even if they insist they know.  The same goes for any shipper you use.  Current shipping addresses are often NOT the same as the newspaper’s street address. Correct shipping destinations will be part of your AWNA Insert Distribution quote, but should be updated if more than 30 days have past since the quote was issued. 
  • Timing - Your shipper should be aware of when your material needs to be at the inserting destination and be able to give you assurances of on-time delivery.
    • Prepayment will be required to secure bookings if no AWNA billing account exists.

    • Once all the inserts in your buy have run for the week ordered, an invoice, marked paid unless a pre-existing account is being utilized, is sent via email.
    AWNA is here to help at every stage of your Insert Distribution campaign
    • Email Greg Foster or phone Toll Free: 1.877.701.4704 Ext. 200


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