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A pivotal role

  • Committees play a pivotal role in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
  • In most instances, a committee is charged with doing the ground work associated with a particular issue or activity that is of critical importance to the association.  The committee does the work with the assistance of the staff and then makes a recommendation for discussion and approval to the board of directors.  Members who agree to sit on a committee are expected to make a significant contribution to the achievement of the task the committee has been assigned.

Committee responsibilities

  • Committee members must understand what the task is, be aware of issues that impact the task, attend meetings and communicate effectively.
  • Participate openly, be receptive to new ideas, use good judgment and initiative, be team players, complete assigned work, and accept and defend the decisions of the group.
  • It is important for the committee to evaluate its progress and performance on an ongoing basis to ensure that it stays on track and that the members are working as a team to deliver the best advice possible. 
  • See Committee Terms of Reference

Must be 18 years old and employed by an AWNA member in good standing.
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