Murray Elliott

Each year, we, the members, entrust a select group of individuals to advocate on our behalf. Since 1919, many dedicated volunteers have sat at the CCNA board table, debated industry issues, fought for a level playing field, and championed our cause. From their diverse perspectives emerges a singular purpose: to ensure that the voice of community newspapers is heard. 
In 2010, CCNA president Paul MacNeill established a special Quill Award to recognize the service of departing board members. Individuals must have served a minimum of two years representing one of CCNA’s eight regional associations. 
Tonight, I am pleased to carry on this new tradition by paying tribute to one of your own.
Murray Elliott was appointed to the CCNA board on May 6, 2011. Murray’s newspaper career began over twenty years ago at the Airdrie Echo. Since then, he has launched or acquired publications, and eventually joined Great West Newspapers, where he is now a group publisher. Murray’s entrepreneurial spirit is one of the traits that has served him best at the CCNA board. He knows the business from the ground up, and he has taken that knowledge and enthusiasm to board meetings, informal discussions, and government lobbying meetings on Parliament Hill. Murray retired from the CCNA board in May, 2013, at the association’s 94th annual meeting in Ottawa.
On a personal note, I feel privileged to have served alongside Murray, and I truly appreciate the opinions and advice that he has shared over the past two years. 
And so tonight, it gives me great pleasure to present the President’s Quill Award to Murray Elliott, in recognition of his distinguished service to the newspaper industry, as a director of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association.
Community newspapers have a long and proud history of civic engagement. The passion and commitment shown by publishers and staff toward the towns that they serve are reflected around the board table at the Canadian Community Newspapers Association. 
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