Putting your Display Ad together


  • A good headline must state what benefit the reader will receive by looking further.  This must be clear and immediate or some readers will pass over in search of what does interest them.
  • A picture says a thousand words.  The right graphic can be an illustration of your product or service, or it can be something that shows how the reader will feel about owning or using what you have to offer.  A graphic should be large enough to top the eye and create interest.
Body copy
Your wording must cover off the 5Ws to make sure you don’t leave a reader confused. 

  • Who – is going to benefit from this offer?  Is it me, or is it really for someone else.
  • What – is this offer going to do for me, what is it?
  • Where – do I have go or be to receive the benefit
  • When – can I reply anytime, or must I act now?
  • Why – should I act on this message?
Call to Action
  • Make sure to let the reader know what they should do next.
  • Your ad should conclude with logos and all the contact information the reader needs to reply.  Maintaining a consistent look and feel in your ads is also part of identification.  If your look is consistent, readers will learn to identify you at a glance and that helps build confidence.
Are you using colour?
  • Photographs come to life in full colour and photographs really connect with the audience.  If you are using one colour, make sure it is used to draw the eye to the key element of your ad.  Putting colour in a border pulls the eye to the border when in fact your important message is inside the ad somewhere.

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