Book your Display Ad

  • Within 24 business hours of requesting your AWNA quote, you will be able to approve it or refine your plan further.
  • Once you have approved your AWNA quote, and payment arrangements are in place, your AWNA display representative will manage all communication with each paper on your behalf.  So you have just one relationship to manage - one Go To Person.  
  • Take note of the detail that appears in your AWNA quote.  It contains precise size and price information for each title on your buy and provides you totals and other information to match against your plan.
First time doing this...
  • Guaranteed deadline for Display advertising is Wednesday noon for publication the following week (Sunday to Saturday).
  • Material deadline for Display ads is Thursday at 4 pm.
  • Be sure material for AWNA bookings is sent to AWNA rather than to individual titles.


Managing payment
    If no previously established billing account exists, all advertising must be prepaid before bookings can be made.
    • Credit cards are the most common method for prepayment and can be processed upon the receipt of this information form.  For improved security during transmission, send part of your credit card information, like the last four digits or the expiry date in a separate email. Your credit card information will not be stored by AWNA after use.
      Download and return the credit card info form ›

    • To APPLY for an AWNA billing account, complete and return this application. Allow 5 - 10 business days BEFORE DEADLINE for new account processing.
      Download and return the account setup form ›
      Managing your ad material

        • If you or your designer are producing the material, it can be sent to clearly identifying the name of the advertiser in the subject line.  FTP transfer is also available. Contact us for details. 
        • If you are having AWNA produce the material, proofs will be sent for your approval.  Proof corrections must be received by 4:00 pm Thursdays.  Weeks where advanced deadlines are in place because of holidays advance this deadline as well.
        • Once each newspaper has run your ad for the current week, an invoice will be emailed to you showing your transaction and providing a link to the digital archive where the page from each paper your ad appeared on can be viewed and printed for your records.
        Prefer to speak with someone in person?
        • Contact Patrick Lessard at 780-434-8746,  Ext. 235, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
        • Or email Patrick 



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