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AWNA Jumps Leaps and Bounds in Technological Advancements

AWSOM is designed to give our members one portal to access a variety of resources:

• Insertion Orders

• Ad Material, including Blanket Classifieds and Value Ads

• Display Payment History, Statistics & Reporting

• Update your member information

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The basics about using AWSOM

About me

  • User account information, username, email, name, address, phone number.


  • Area where the users are able to upload their weekly newspaper publication pages to the archive: pages can be uploaded individually or in multiples. While uploading the page upload status is also displayed.


  • This is the newspaper archive.
  • The user can browse full publications that have been uploaded to the archive from 2007 to current. Publications are easily found in the calendar view or full listing.
  • Each current edition should be available to view within 24 hours of the publication date. 

  • Enables the user to do key word searches of the text within all uploaded publications.
  • The user is able to filter their search criteria by date range and newspaper title


  • Area where the user is able to see their individual Account Log, Newspaper Activity, Track Uploads, and their Notifications.

  • Provides helpful direction and hints for using the various functions within the AWSOM archive.
Manage subscribers

  • Not all newspapers have access to this as you must be signed up for eSubscription service. AWNA provides initial access to an 'eSub Manager'  for the newspaper.
  • This area enables the eSub Manager to manage and maintain online subscribers to their newspaper.
  • They can setup new accounts, edit current accounts, turn on or off access, and mange their records.
History behind our newly expanded AWSOM
In 2010, the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association (AWNA) launched their integrated member database, accounting, classified and display advertising systems into one product.  Referred to as Nav, (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) was custom designed by AWNA staff and programmed by Microsoft certified partner Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions (DMS). 

This new system greatly improved functionality, automation, reporting and workflows. It provides precise audit records and is flexible to changing environments.
Continuing the partnership with DMS, the next step was to redesign AWNA’s digital newspaper archive system (AWSOM) and integrate with Nav.

AWSOM is a digital, searchable archive and one of its purposes is to provide electronic tearsheets (proof of publication) for advertising clients. Again, this integration provides improved productivity and automation for staff and end-users.

Now in the final phases of this evolution, a One Stop Shop for our members will be combined with AWSOM and Nav, showcasing the integration of the AWNA booking and material delivery systems into one seamless entity. 


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.




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