AWNA Display Ad Selection Tools

Think Zones

    • A community thrives within an economic trading zone.  The communities in each zone, share somewhat of a common geography and shared economic activity (people and dollars).

    • This means your message has significance beyond the individual community you may be targeting.  Maximizing the impact of your advertising begins with seeing the whole picture.
      • View the zone map that appears to the right.
    Individual Community Markets
    • Community titles may be bought individually or in groupings of zones or any other configuration that serves your plan.
      • View the alphabetical list of AWNA member newspapers in the table below OR filter them by zone to begin your title planning.
      • Use this information to make note of the communities you wish to include on your plan.
    Community Coverage Locator
    • Don't see a title named for a community you wish to cover? Explore the complete list of Alberta communities served by one or more AWNA members.  AWNA Community Coverage Locator ›


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